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Leonie and Lindsay @ Lands End
Leonie and Lindsay @ Lands End. WINDY! or what?

We thought there was a village a Lands End, but nope, it is just a tourist attraction. Nothing really there but a small touristy arcade, souvenir shop, tea room and other touristy type stuff. Most of which was closed in winter.

Leonie and I went for a walk but the wind was blowing so hard it made walking near the cliffs very dangerous and it was bitingly cold. I had to hide the camera in a little shelter to get the pciture above just so it wouldn't be blown away. The cliffs are very spectacular and it all feels very remote and distant.

Lands End, Cornwall
Lands End

We then went to Penzance and St Michael's Mount. St Michael's Mount is similar to one Mont St Michel though it isn't so grand or big. The village on the shore called Marazion is claimed to be the oldest something or other village in England. We only stayed here briefly as it was getting on and was very windy.

St Michael's Mount St Michael's Mount
St Michael's Mount.

We headed back to Plymouth for the evening and on the I way was fortunate to get a call from my new manager in the US. YaY, everything was going well on my transfer to work in the US. So this was some great Xmas news.

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