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Lindsay @ The Rock of Cashel The Rock of Cashel

The Rock of Cashel

We left Limerick early the next morning to head to Dublin. On the way we stopped at Lough Gur where a Neolithic settlement once was. The vistors centre was closed but this meant no tourists so we had a quiet stroll around the lake. Very serene and peaceful. We also stoppped at a stone circle near Holycross and had a wander around. We then wound our way to Cashel. This is probably one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ireland. It is here on a limestone outcrop is one of the most complete Romanesque churches in all of Ireland. It is a combination of a ji-normous medieval cathedral, a castle tower, an eleventh-century round tower and a fifthteenth-century Hall of Vicars.

We spent the morning and lunch here. It is a truly spectacular monument. while the Round Tower is considered to be oldest building on the site, all the buildings together with their various architecture's come together to make it almost seem like a fairy tale palace. A place worth visiting and just taking in some of the history.

Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle

We arrived in Dublin during the afternoon and were just not ready for a large city after spending a week in the country side. Too much traffic and too many people. But we got used to it and just generally wandered around during the evening. We had dinner in the Temple Bar district and then found our way to the B&B. (Though we did get lost a bit finding our B&B.)

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