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We had a full day in Dublin the next morning and first thing we tried was a open top, hop on hop off tourist bus. This was to help avoid the traffic and parking issues in Dublin.

The first point we hopped off was the Guinness Factory. This is a place worth visiting. It is the place to see the history behind one of Ireland's greatest exports. You also get to see how Guinness is made and of course importantly you get a free pint. (I have said previously that Guinness is good, didn't I?) I picked up my must have cap from the factory and we also got Brett his Xmas presents here. (Brett is a great Guinness fan.) He did wait until Xmas 2000 before opening the present. I had forgotten all about it until he opened on Xmas. (This never would've never happened with Leonie.)

Lindsay @ the Guinness Factory

Lindsay @ the Guinness Factory

Lindsay and the obligatory cap photo

Lindsay and the obligatory cap photo!

The bus driver we had was very witty and a load of fun to listen to as he gave his version of the city sites. We toured Pheonix Park and learnt some interesting history about the Duke of Wellington (he was Irish not English). But he angered the Irish when he made the comment "Being born in a stable doesn't make one a horse". The monumnet the Irish were raising in the park in his honour was promptly abandoned. We passed the zoo and the Parliament House. Back down to the Liffey river. We did some more wandering around the city including going to the smallest pub.

We then went to Trinity College to view the Book of Kells. This book is an illuminated manuscript consisting of of the four gospels of the New Testament and written in Latin. The artwork is very intricate and decorative. This was worth the visit and the college libaries were magnificent. Old, musty, dark and floor to the ceiling bookshelves.

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